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Susan Alcasid, MD
About The Doctor

Dr. Susan Alcasid 

Dr. Susan Alcasid, MD is a compassionate and kind physician that specializes in Integrative Health and Medicine. Dr. Alcasid has been inspired by science and medicine since the age of five and knew that she was born to be a doctor. She knew that traditional medicine was the best way to give her patients a personalized experience and spend time getting to know their health.

Dr. Alcasid received her medical degree at the University of Perpetual Help, College of Medicine in the Philippines. She then followed in the footsteps of her brother by coming to the United States and accepting a residency in Cleveland, OH at Mt. Sinai Medical Center of Case Western University. She went on to complete her internal residency in Dayton OH at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Dr. Alcasid continued working hard and training to achieve her dreams of becoming a physician. Those dreams were reached in 2003 when she officially became board certified in Internal Medicine. Her passion for learning and growing did not stop there, she continued on to complete her fellowship in Integrative Medicine. Dr. Alcasid is also a member of several professional medical societies, including the American College of Physicians, Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, Ohio State Medical Association and the Association of Philippine Physicians of Greater Cincinnati. In her free time Susan Alcasid, MD likes to travel, spend time in nature, and helps run two local bubble tea stores in the greater Cincinnati area.

Good Medicine Direct Primary Care

Good Medicine DPC

Good Medicine is a Integrative Functional Medicine practice that offers concierge level full-spectrum, comprehensive primary care that is personalized to you without paying concierge level prices. A natural and holistic approach to medicine, healthy living and chronic disease prevention. We support you on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle and guide you to reaching your goals through integrative medicine. At Good Medicine DPC we know how important it is to stay well and help care for those in our communities and lives.

Convenient and Accessible 
Though we pride ourselves in our thorough detailed visits that last up to 90 minutes, not all questions or concerns need an in-office visit. With Good Medicine DPC, you can get answers and recommendations directly from your doctor while you are at work, waiting in the school pick-up line, or getting your oil changed. Your health is important and your time is valuable. Good Medicine DPC helps join the two so you don’t have to compromise either one.  

Healthspan and Longevity
Dr. Alcasid’s overarching goals are to improve your longevity (how long you live) and, more importantly, your health span (the period of life spent in good health, free from the chronic diseases and disabilities of aging). Through her integrative and functional medicine training, she has developed a passion in nutrition and how this plays a role in one’s overall health. Integrative nutrition goes beyond basic dietary guidelines by incorporating digestive health and root causes for imbalance, while looking at environmental impact, genetic predisposition, physiological, and psychological factors for disease. Internal and external factors are taken into consideration to assess an appropriate intervention, and recommendations are individualized for every person’s unique needs. Direct primary care gives her the opportunity to spend the most time with and deliver the best care to her patients at Good Medicine DPC.

Comprehensive Annual Physicals 
With the freedom to practice medicine outside the constraints of insurance companies and hospital systems, your care becomes dramatically more comprehensive and personalized. Dr. Alcasid focuses on whole-person health with an emphasis on chronic disease prevention and risk reduction. By taking advantage of in-office tools that allow her to measure specific aspects of your body, including body composition analysis of fat around your organs and arguably the most important part of your annual physical (and something that is often skimmed over or skipped entirely at traditional practices) is a thorough lifestyle and habit review and optimization. Your diet, exercise, sleep and mental health habits are the single most important parts of living your longest, healthiest life. We spend an abundance of time reviewing your habits and working towards realistic and long term goals.


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